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Calderón Heir

 A Queer Cuban Why Choose Mafia Romance

Malena, the reluctant heir to the Calderón mafia family, is forced to marry Emmanuel Vera after her father dies.


Emmanuel and Malena hate each other after a toxic teen relationship and an even worse breakup, but when the Calderón boss left him in charge of his business and the protection of his daughter, Emmanuel took the chance to make her pay for what she did to him almost a decade ago.


Malena chose Santiago Alemán, a good boy from a decent family, but she realized he was a weak man and a terrible boyfriend. After she dumped him, he tried to accept his real self while he got into business with the Vera brothers and quickly learned when you work for the mafia, you become the mafia.


Miguel Ángel Vera seduced Malena just to spite his brother, all the while surveilling her, but he ultimately delivered her to Emmanuel. His loyalty is tested repeatedly as he witnesses his brother torture the woman he loves and deals with the aftermath of his betrayal of her.

Worthy of the Raven:

Stalked by Darkness

 A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Dark Mulan Retelling

The Raven chose you; a Skin demon told little Lara —a secret she’s kept for almost ten years. She still can’t understand the ominous message when her sick, insane father viciously attacks her mother in front of her and the Raven —always by her side when calamity strikes. Lara must seek shelter with her friends, the Condé brothers, who disguise her as their younger sibling and smuggle her into war to protect her, but the darkest, most dangerous magic quickly catches up to her when she meets the Skin once more.

Nicola, the heir of Condé, became head of the family when his father, the greatest Longbraid warrior, lost his leg in battle and his will to live with it. Nic, an aloof intellectual who didn’t inherit the Condé talents for combat, can’t fill his father’s shoes or his younger brother’s —already General at twenty-one— and struggles in a war he doesn’t believe in, training the woman his brother has always loved while coping with his own tumultuous feelings for her.

Alessandro is a farm boy turned reluctant Leader. His love for Lara isn’t enough to prevent her brutal attacker the night before his army must go to war in a quest to steal the Magic only the ruthless Skin possess. He must keep his men alive against the most lethal predators in the Ucrian Peninsula and confront the Lords in a constant battle of political wits to keep his grip over the army while hiding Lara in plain sight as he deals with his own soul-crushing guilt.

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