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Y. L. Zamora believes there are no off-limits themes or subjects when it comes to fiction. She deliberately picks the most uncomfortable and difficult ones to explore in her stories, but she also thinks it is every author's responsibility to do so with sensitivity, empathy, and concern for the real people affected by them. Below is a comprehensive list of possible Trigger Warnings within her debut novel, WORTHY OF THE RAVEN: STALKED BY DARKNESSa Grimdark Epic Fantasy Dark Mulan Retelling, along with a much happier list of the amazing Positive Representation highlighted in her work.


This book is the author's personal love letter to Childhood Trauma & Childhood Abuse. It's rated Adult as everything explored in it is Explicit and intended for Mature Audiences ONLY. She wrote this book to cope with her own experiences, but also, to make peace with it, because there's light at the end of the tunnel

It contains Groping, Talk of Predatory Behaviour, Childhood Sexual Assault/CSA, Grooming, Pedophilia, Sexual Predator, Sexual Abuse Related Trauma, Controlling Parents, Verbal Abuse, Gaslighting, Childhood Neglect, Childhood Parental Emotional and Physical Abuse, Emotionally/Physically Abusive Parents, Victim Blaming, Victim Disbelief, Female Oppression, Sexism, Misogyny, Machism, Forced Marriage, Domestic Violence, Abusive Relationship, Slavery, Sexual Trafficking, Sex Work, Prostitution, Sex Slavery, War, Colonialism, Battery, Beating, Extreme Violence, Period Pain, Chronic Illness/Pain, Described Blood, Gore, Body Horror, Strangulation, Suffocation, Hanging, Disemboweling, Decapitation, Mutilation, Mutilation of Corpses, Ritualistic Death/Murder, Bones (Animal & Human), Ritualistic Self-Harm, Cutting, Scars, Cutting of Limbs, Amputation, Torture, Chronic Pain, Explicit Sex Scenes, Explicit Language, Use of the Word Savage,   Cheating, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Animal Injury/Illness, Animal Death, Hunting, Death of a Loved One, Death of a Parent, Death of a Sibling, Graphic Death, Murder, PTSD, Depression, Grief, Suicide Thoughts, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Being on the Run, Pressure to Reveal Identity, Insomnia, Anxiety, Classism, Blackmail, Dysphoria, Exile.

Flower Shadow


The author believes in human rights for all, animal rights, empathy and kindness. This book also explores themes of Hope, Resilience and Love. This story constantly grapples with the concept of Human Darkness , and how it can seduce, consume and sometimes destroy some of us, but also how some of us cling to the tiny Light deep inside as we prevail.

Worthy of the Raven celebrates DIVERSITY with:

- A huge Queer cast of characters, including a Bisexual Protagonist 

- Healthy Polyamory

- Sex Exploration, Positivity & Enjoyment

- Feminism & Male Feminism

- Respectful treatment of Sex Workers 

- Unstigmatized &Normalized Periods

- Disability 

- Female Empowerment

- Body Positivity

- Many Diverse, Distinct & Rich Cultures

- Healthy Platonic Relationships

- Female Friendship/Male Friendship/Female & Male Friendship

- Healthy Sibling Relationships & Family Dynamics

- Deep Love, Respect, and Care for Animals & Nature 

- Healthy & Beautifully Diverse Love Stories

- Respect of Elders & Children

- Building of Community 

- Healthy Masculinity 

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